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Neuwaste is a small business based in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. The Company was created in 2006 and has diverted more than 4,000,000 lbs of solid waste from California landfills.

Our Vision

As the human race continues to grow at an exponential rate, so do the ways in which we use the earth and its resources. The idea of 'recycling' has evolved far beyond just a word, option, or disposal process. Because the majority of the world operates in societies driven by consumption and progression, recycling must become part of our day to day mentality as individuals. Integrating the idea of 'recycling' into our lives as more than an option, but rather a necessity, will maintain our current comfort of living while to ensure a non-toxic environment for our children and grandchildren to live in.

Neuwaste focuses on the hazardous waste that is generated from advancing technologies. The majority of the waste produced from advancing technologies is either categorized as Electronic waste or Universal waste; in which we collectively label this 'new', ever expanding breed of solid waste as 'nEUwaste'.

Tel: 310.734.6700
Fax: 310.798.6165
Twitter: @neuwaste

Next E-Waste Recycling Event:

"A total of 2,800 pounds of waste was collected during the first event at our office building. The positive tenant feedback was critical in our deciding to schedule quarterly e-waste events with Neuwaste. Tenants noticed and appreciated that Neuwaste..."

Madison Hindman-Property Manager; Equity Office

"Our Community Food Pantry’s partnership with NeuWaste has been a win-win situation. Since our first recycling activity four years ago, we’ve diverted about 150,000 pounds of electronic waste from landfills and earned more than $10,000 that has helped feed the"

John Pekema- Community Outreach Chair;Grace Lutheran Food Pantry

"We were very happy to have such a great service for our tenants at Corporate Pointe in West Hills. We had a total of 3,534 lbs of waste that was diverted from our landfills. Neuwaste was professional, courteous,..."

Levon Berberian-Property Manager; CB Richard Ellis

"The e-waste recycling events we have with Neuwaste show my students how important it is to recycle their old electronics and just how much old electronic junk their neighbors have stored up over the years. The students donate their time..."

Jan Fetcho -Teacher; San Luis Obispo High School

"Neuwaste’s commitment to work with us every step of the way makes their services very efficient and user friendly. I would recommend them to any mid-rise or high-rise buildings considering holding a free electronic waste collection event."

Nicole Thurstan - Property Manager; Maguire Properties

"Your team was not only timely and efficient, but somehow managed to maximize the freight elevator’s limited space efficiently, while still allowing access to other tenants. Thinking back to all of the furniture, file cabinets, dismantled cubicles, office supplies,..."

Steve Zinn-Vice President; Residential Credit Solutions

"We did an e-waste recycling event with Neuwaste and ended up diverting over 60,000 lbs. of electronic waste from California landfills! Not only was it rewarding to see all that material come out and be recycled domestically, but the..."

Gloria Herrera-President; Rotary Club of Century City

"The representatives at Neuwaste are responsive, helpful and accommodating. We have had one e-waste pick up for our tenants so far and were very pleased with the ease and hassle free set up of such a useful service. Our..."

Cameron Benson-Property Manager; Watt Companies